Price of public transport in Brussels

Price of public transport in Brussels

Find out and compare the prices of the different tickets and transport cards of Brussels, and choose the most convenient one for you.

The transport system in Brussels is not as efficient as the metro in Madrid for example or as extensive as cities such as London. On a positive note, a one-journey is not very expensive and the travel cards are relatively cheap.

Below you will find a list of tickets and travel cards that are all valid for the Brussels Metro, local city buses and trams.

Price of a one-way journey ticket

A one-way ticket in Brussels is valid for an hour once you have validated it on a metro, bus, or tram machine. During that time, you can change between lines or form of transport.

  • One-way ticket: 2.40 (US$ 2.50)
  • Five-journey ticket: 8 (US$ 8.50)
  • Ten-journey ticket: 15.60 (US$ 16.50)

Remember to always validate your ticket otherwise, you could get fined.

Travel cards

If you are staying in Brussels for a few days, you might prefer to buy a travel card that is valid for one or several days. These travel cards are valid for a day not 24-hours like other cities. This means that if you validate a ticket in the afternoon, it will expire at midnight that same day.

  • One-day travel card: 7.80 (US$ 8.30)

Where to purchase a transport ticket?

All transport tickets and travel cards can be bought in any metro station or at a city newsstand.

You can buy a one-way journey ticket from any bus or tram driver if you catch the tram or bus without having a ticket, but these have a small supplement.