Trams in Brussels

Trams in Brussels

With tens of lines which take you to even the furthest reaches of the town, the Brussels tram network is one of the most extensive in the world.

Plano de transporte de Bruselas
Brussels Transport Map

The tram system in Brussels is one of the largest in the world and trams run both underground and above ground, which can confuse visitors thinking that the underground tram lines are the Brussels Metro, especially lines 3 and 4.


Currently, Brussels counts with 17 tram lines that run from the city centre to the outskirts. Some lines are worth highlighting as they pass through some of the capital’s top attractions:

Timetable and frequency

The tram system timetable is very similar to the Brussels Metro. However, it depends on each line. Most open at 6 am and run until midnight.

You can check the timetable of a specific tram line on the STIB website:


You will find more information on the various travel cards and single-journey tickets available in Brussels, click here: Price of public transport in Brussels.