Taxis in Brussels

Taxis in Brussels

Although they are perhaps among the most expensive taxis in Europe, there still might come a moment when you need to take one. Find out taxi fares in Brussels here.

Taxis in Brussels are most likely the most expensive in Europe. Even though the minimum fare isn’t as high as taxis in Florence, the price per kilometre makes any journey a lot more expensive.

The taxis in Belgium’s capital are not as distinctive as other taxis in other parts of the world. They are normally black Mercedes, but can be any other colour and car brand. To tell them apart from other cars, they have a sign on the roof that indicates if they are free or not.


  • Minimum fare: 2.40 (US$ 2.60)
  • Price per kilometre: 1,80
  • Price of an hour’s wait: 30 (US$ 31.80)

Keep in mind that if you’re staying in the outskirts (not in the 19 communes), the taxi will automatically charge you 2.70 (US$ 2.90) per kilometre. If the taxi travels less than 20 km/per hour you will also be charged an extra charge.

You will not have to pay a surcharge for your baggage if you take a taxi to or from the airport and taxi drivers don’t expect to be tipped, although rounding to the nearest euro is normal.

Companies and telephone numbers

  • Taxi Verts: 02 349 49 49.
  • Taxis Bleus: 02 268 00 00.
  • Autolux: 02 411 41 42.