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Public Transport in Brussels

The public transport system in Brussels is quite efficient. Nevertheless, taking a tram or bus in the city is more complicated than it should be: there are very few maps and the connections aren’t as good as they should be, especially for a city that is considered the capital of Europe.

Means of public transport

  • Metro de Bruselas Although Brussels Metro doesn’t have many lines and sometimes you have to wait a while for a metro to pass, this means of transport will take you to all the top attractions in the city.  
  • Tranvías en Bruselas Brussels has a vast tram network that runs from the city centre to the outskirts. The tram lines in Belgium’s capital are one of the longest in the world.
  • Autobuses en Bruselas During the day the metro and trams reach all points of Brussels, after midnight, the night buses are the best way of getting around.

Fares, single-journey tickets and travel cards 

The following single-journey tickets and travel cards can be used on all means of transport in Brussels: the bus, metro and tram.

  • Precios y abonos de transporte Discover and compare STIB's (company that operates the city's transport system) various tickets and travel cards and chose the best suited to your needs.

Other means of public transport

For when Brussels’ public transport system isn’t enough:

  • Taxis en Bruselas Taxis in Brussels are probably the most expensive in Europe. However, you never know when you might to use one. Find out its rates and contact numbers.