Things to do and see in Amsterdam

Things to do and see in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular excursions from Brussels: the Dutch capital is captivating and highly unusual, sure to enchant all who visit it.

Amsterdam has a unique charm, which makes it an extremely attractive tourist destination, even though the city doesn’t have many monuments. There are numerous interesting museums in the Netherlands’ capital and it's loaded with a fascinating history. One of the city’s highlights is its canals and its intimate atmosphere.

Amsterdam has rather surprising industries, for example, the famous Red Light District, where what in most countries is considered “forbidden” in Amsterdam is openly accepted, or the numerous Coffee Shops, where marihuana is legal.

Things to see and do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers its visitors endless cultural and leisure things to see and do. These are the best places to visit:

  • Red Light District: The Red Light District is an eccentric neighborhood packed with window displays where prostitutes offer their services to passers-by.  It's one of the most visited areas of the city.
  • Canals: Over 46 miles (75 km) of canals run through Amsterdam seducing all those that visit it. On your visit to the capital, you can take a canal cruise and you can even stay in a houseboat if you decide to spend a few nights in Amsterdam.
  • Coffee Shops: In these curious cafés you can try some hash, marihuana, or other similar products, either by smoking it, mixing it with some tea, in water pipes, or in brownies.
  • Anne Frank House: This moving museum is housed in the building where Anne Frank (author of The Diary of a Young Girl) and her family were hidden from the Nazis for almost two years before being discovered. It's one of the most interesting museums in Amsterdam.
  • Flower Market: This colorful market is a real pleasure for the senses. It was founded over 14 years ago.

How to get to Amsterdam from Brussels

Although you can take a bus or rent a car, the best option is to either take the train or book a guided tour of the city:

  • English guided tour: We highly recommend this option. For just 57EUR you'll be picked up from your hotel in Brussels and driven to Amsterdam to discover the most interesting parts of the city without having to worry about getting lost. It includes an English-speaking guide. You can book an excursion to Amsterdam by clicking here.
  • Train: This is the fastest and easiest way of getting to Amsterdam from Brussels for those that prefer to discover the capital by themselves. A one-way ticket normally costs 34 (US$ 36.80) and takes a little over three hours. You can take a high-speed train (1 hour and 50 minutes) for 65 (US$ 70.40) per journey.