Getting to Brussels

Getting to Brussels

Thanks to its location and standing as the capital of the EU, Brussels in one of the best-connected cities in Europe.-It has air links to all the main cities and enviable rail connections with its neighboring countries.

Travelling from the U.S.

There are numerous direct flights from various cities in the United States to Brussels Airport. Direct flights leave from the following cities: New York (JFK), Chicago, Newark, Atlanta, Washington and Philadelphia.

Main airlines that offer direct flights:

Travelling from Canada

Passengers will find direct flights to Brussels from Toronto and Montreal.

Airline companies that offer direct flights from Canada:

Travelling from Australia

There are currently no direct flights from Australia to Brussels since the distance calls for at least one stop to refuel, although it is thought that the first direct flights between Australia and Europe could be a reality in 2017. Nevertheless, the main cities that offer flights to Brussels in Australia are Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Airline companies that offer connecting flights to Brussels:

Travelling from Europe

If you’re travelling to Belgium from Europe, there are numerous airlines from most European cities that fly to Brussels Airport or Charleroi Airport, including many low-cost carriers.

Low-cost airlines that fly to Brussels:

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Traveling by train

If you are touring Europe and are visiting Paris, Amsterdam or any other neighbouring city, the best option is to book a train to Brussels. From the capitals of France or the Netherlands, the journey will take a little over an hour. If you are in London and prefer to take a train you can take the Eurostar that takes 2 hours and 20 minutes. Once in Brussels, the train is also the best option to visit nearby cities and towns, like Ghent, Bruges or Antwerp

You can check timetables, fares and book a ticket on the official TGV website:

Traveling by car

If you are visiting one of Belgium’s neighbouring countries, then you might want to rent a car and drive to Brussels. We recommend planning your trip with Google Maps: 

Traveling by bus

If you don’t mind taking your time to get to Brussels, there is also the option of getting a bus to the capital of Europe. The main coach companies are: