Cinquantenaire MuseumThe Cinquantenaire Museum, part of the Royal Museums of Art and History, is dedicated to the history of the human evolution.
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Brussels AirportBrussels Airport – Zaventem (BRU) is the most important international airport in Belgium and is the operational HQ for Brussels Airlines.
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Charleroi AirportBrussels South Charleroi Airport, situated 34 miles south of the city center, is where most low-cost airlines fly to.
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Grand PlaceLa Grand Place (Grote Markt) is the central, geographic and historic heart of Brussels.
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Manneken PisThe famous Manneken Pis is a statue of a small boy urinating into a fountain’s basin.
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AtomiumThe Atomium is for Brussels what the Eiffel Tower is for Paris.
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Palais de JusticeLe Palais de Justice (Justice Palace) in Brussels is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in Europe.
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Royal PalaceThe Royal Palace of Brussels is situated near the Parc de Bruxelles and is one of the most famous buildings.
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CinquantenaireThe Cinquantenaire Palace and Park of Brussels is a national landmark and was built for the Belgian independency in 1880.
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Mini EuropeMini Europe is a miniature park with 350 miniatures that represent the most important landmarks from the countries in the European Union.
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European DistrictThe European District of Brussels comprises the headquarters of the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and European Commission.
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Jeanneke PisJeanneke Pis is the female replica of the Manneken Pis, a statue of a little girl squatting and urinating who looks more audacious than her older brother.
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Palace of CoudenbergLocated under the Place Royale (Royal Square) are the ruins of the former Palace of Coudenberg, the ancient seat of government.
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Royal Museums of Fine Arts of BelgiumThe Brussels Fine Art Museum has over 20.
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Musical Instruments MuseumThe Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels has over 7000 musical instruments from the Middle Ages to the present day.
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Magritte MuseumThe Magritte Museum in Brussels features the largest collection of works by one of the most prominent Belgian artists from the twentieth century, Rene Magritte.
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Military History MuseumThe Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels houses numerous aircrafts, uniforms, tanks and arms and is one of the best war museums in the world.
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AutoworldAutoworld is a vintage car museum in Brussels that explores the history of the automobile and features numerous relics of the car industry.
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Museum of the City of BrusselsThe Museum of the City of Brussels, housed in the Maison du Roi in the Grand Place, is dedicated to the history of Brussels.
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Natural Sciences MuseumThe Natural Sciences Museum in Brussels is dedicated to the natural history.
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Belvue MuseumThe BELvue Museum reflects the national history of Belgium from the Belgian Revolution until it became a federal state in 1993.
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Horta MuseumThe Horta Museum, built between 1898 and 1901, was owned and designed by the best-known architect of Art Nouveau, Victor Horta.
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Charlier MuseumCharlier Museum is housed in a nineteenth century mansion remodelled by Victor Horta and owned by Henri Van Cutsem, a wealthy art collector.
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Belgian Comic Strip CenterBelgian comics played a very important role in the expansion of European comics.
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Brussels CathedralThe Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula is one of the most important landmarks in Brussels.
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Basilica of the Sacred HeartThe Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Brussels is an architectural masterpiece and is the fifth largest temple in the world.
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Notre Dame du SablonLocated in the upper town of Brussels, Notre Dame du Sablon is a remarkable 15th century Late Gothic church and one of the most beautiful in Brussels.
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Parc de BruxellesThe Parc de Bruxelles (Brussels Park) was designed in the eighteenth century and is currently one of the most important parks of Brussels.
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Galeries Royales Saint-HubertThe Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert were designed in 1847 as the first glazed shopping arcade in Europe.
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BrugesBruges is a medieval fairy-tale town and Belgium’s most visited city with 7.
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GhentGhent is a stunning medieval city not far from Brussels and one of Belgium’s favourite places to visit.
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AntwerpAntwerp is known as the Diamond Capital of the World.
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AmsterdamAmsterdam is one of the most popular day trips from Brussels.
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